A Canadian Legend Who Captivated The Country With His Smile

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Don Messer a Canadian legend that stands the test of time



From humble beginnings Don Messer became a musical icon that entertained millions with his magical fiddling skills.  “Don Messer’s Jubilee” and was a national broadcast that aired on the CBC that brought together Canadians from coast to coast before their television sets 2 nights a week.


Offering a variety of entertainers and musicians he was a pillar of the national identity and millions of young Canadians across Canada dreamed of one day performing by his side.


Known for his kind, gentle personality he did not seek to outshine the other performers he shared the stage with. Just like his humble beginnings on the east coast of Canada he preferred take a step back and allow his acts and companions to shine.


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Don Messer’s Jubilee



Don Messer’s Jubilee was a television folk musical variety show produced at station CBHT in Halifax, Nova Scotia and broadcast by CBC Television nationwide from 1957 until 1969.

Outside of Hockey Night In Canada, in the mid-1960s Don Messer’s Jubilee was the #1 show in the country, earning higher ratings than even the imported CBS variety show, The Ed Sullivan Show. The guest performance slot gave national exposure to numerous Canadian folk musicians, including Stompin’ Tom Connors, Catherine McKinnon, Ann Murray, Gordon Lightfoot and Bud Spencer.


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Frank Leahy commemorates the legend of Don Messer


Leahy continued with the idea of Don Messer’s Violin, creating a full-length stage production Don Messer’s Violin that premiered on Prince Edward Island in 2000 and ran for 5 years. Subsequently Don Messer’s Violin has been presented with great success across Canada.


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