The legend lives on through another generation of talent


Frank Leahy along with the legendary fiddle of Don Messer continues the tradition well into the future.

Canadian fiddle player/violinist Frank Leahy is absolutely original.


His unique approach to playing music as well as his comedic interaction with the audience sets him in a league of his own.


Growing up in rural Ontario, Frank Leahy was influenced early on by the legendary Canadian fiddler Don Messer whose music was broadcasted and received by every Canadian home through a popular CBC TV show that followed Hockey Night in Canada. Leahy also had classical training growing up, and received a formal musical education. He studied violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music, receiving the coveted Gold medal for top marks in the country. His studies continued at Wilfred Laurier University and he eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts degree there in Music Performance. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a minor degree in Philosophy.


Frank Leahy won first prize at the 1984 Canadian National Fiddling Championships, the youngest ever to be awarded the honor.


Leahy has performed around the world as a soloist in more than 2000 Symphonic Pops concerts, Theatres and Music Theatre runs. His original hit shows include Bending The Bows, Road to Carnegie Hall with Eduard Minevich, An Unlike Affair with Janice Martin and A Fidddle Player’s Take on the Symphony Orchestra with Tom Szczesniak.

Frank Leahy and Don Messer


In 1997, Frank was chosen by the Messer estate to inherit Don Messer’s violin. His first move with the instrument was to record a tribute album for the CBC. The album was the first involving a non-classical artist for the CBC and became a Gold record in less than a year. Leahy continued with the idea of Don Messer’s Violin, creating a full-length stage production Don Messer’s Violin that premiered on Prince Edward Island in 2000 and ran for 5 years. Subsequently Don Messer’s Violin has been presented with great success across Canada.


Lately, Frank is collaborating with the legendary composer/arranger Tom Szczesniak. Tom and Frank have produced Don Messer’s Violin, a Christmas Album for the CBC ” They are currently working on a cartoon series entitled “Fiddlesticks”


Frank lives in Waterloo, Ontario with his Lady Lisa and their seven children, Maria, Brianna, Jasmine, Philip, Joseph, Basil and Grace

Learn more about Frank Leahy and how he is keeping the memory of Don Messer alive!


Visit Frank Leahy’s official website to learn more about this International musician who takes influence from one of Canada’s musical icons Don Messer.


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The Don Messer School Show


Legendary Canadian Music icon Don Messer had Canada’s most popular TV show in CBC television history, Don Messer’s Jubilee.


During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Don Messer’s Jubilee had high TV ratings the Hockey Night in Canada.


Canadian Fiddle Champion, Frank Leahy was given Don Messer’s fiddle by the estate in 1997 and has produced a number of tributes to the icon including two CBC albums, CBC Book, Don Messer’s Violin, The Musical, Videos among other


2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Don Messer’s Jubilee cross Canada tour.

To commemorate the event, Frank Leahy will be offering Don Messer music school shows to educate the current generation of Canadian students.


Don Messer School Show


Frank Leahy, fiddle

Paul Chapman: Guitar

Ron Cameron: Bass


Length of school show: 35 minutes


The School will receive a Don Messer Book and CD produced by CBC for their library to keep.
Cost: $500.00 per school show or $1350.00 for 3 school shows.

Don Messer’s Violin

by: Frank Leahy Ensemble


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